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Fleet Administrator
Sandy, Bedfordshire, DOE, Permanent
Projects & Support Executive
Newbury, Berkshire, £28,000 - £30,000, Permanent
Technical Administrator
Newbury, Berkshire, £18k - £20k, Permanent
Software Developer/Front end developer
Newbury, Berkshire, DOE, Permanent
Logistics Administrator
Newbury, Berkshire, DOE, 12mth Fixed Term Contract
Warehouse/Site Operative
Hermitage, DOE, Permanent X 3 Positions
Forklift Truck Driver / Warehouse Operative
Newbury, £8.50 per hour plus shift allowances, Fork Truck warehouse operative triple shift rotation 6/2 -2/10- 10/6
Crop Applications Advisor
Newbury, Berkshire, DOE, Permanent

Job Interview Techniques: Reasons for Hiring

By looking at the interview from the other side of the desk, it is much easier to understand what the interviewer is looking for, and therefore to tailor your answers to what is needed. 

The interviewer will have 4 main considerations: 

Ability & Suitability

There are plenty of people with the right qualifications and skills to do the job in hand.  On paper, the interviewer may have little to help them differentiate between candidates.  Look at the role that you are applying for and list all the technical skills and personal traits that are vital to the job.  Now pick out specific examples from your past that highlight these qualities.  Make life easy for the interviewer by painting vivid pictures from your past.  Specifics will always win over generalisations as they prove to the interviewer that you have what it takes to do the job well.  


You may have the right credentials to do the job but the interviewer needs to know if you are the sort of person who will go the extra mile in order to help the team succeed.  A jobsworth who will not do anything that is not in the job description will be a future headache for the interviewer.  Have examples ready of when you went beyond the call of duty in order to ensure the success of a project or task. 

Manageability & Teamwork

No manager is looking for a high maintenance employee.  They are looking for someone who will fit in well with the rest of the team and not rock the boat.  If you do have any particularly strong opinions or beliefs that have caused problems in the past do not bring them up. 

Problem Solving

Anyone who is hired is hired for the same reason: the employer has a problem of some kind that needs solving.  Look at the job description and decide what problems will need to be solved by the individual who gets the job.  Again go to your past and prepare examples of when you overcame similar problems.  Pay particular attention to your approach to the problem, your thought process in tackling it, how you went about solving it and the outcome of your actions.


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