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Sandy, Bedfordshire, DOE, Permanent
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Newbury, Berkshire, £28,000 - £30,000, Permanent
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Software Developer/Front end developer
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Newbury, Berkshire, DOE, 12mth Fixed Term Contract
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Hermitage, DOE, Permanent X 3 Positions
Forklift Truck Driver / Warehouse Operative
Newbury, £8.50 per hour plus shift allowances, Fork Truck warehouse operative triple shift rotation 6/2 -2/10- 10/6
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Newbury, Berkshire, DOE, Permanent

Job Interview Techniques: Your Body Language

Research has shown that 50% of communication relies on body language.  Many interviewees shoot themselves in the foot without realising that they are sending out negative signals. 

There are several areas to avoid: 

  • The 'Wet Fish' handshake.  Be firm without crushing the other person's hand.

  • Shifting around in your seat too much - especially when faced by a tough question.  The same goes for wayward hands that fidget with pens, ties,  hair etc.

  • Nodding too much when the interviewer is talking - it shows impatience on your behalf.

  • Folding your arms - it sends the message that you are hiding something or are on the defensive.

  • Slouching in your chair.

Areas to concentrate on include:

  • Walk slowly, deliberately and tall when you enter the room.

  • Smile.  Do not grin like a village idiot for the duration of the interview, but show the interviewer that you are open , friendly and confident by showing your whites every now and again.  Confidence will come from being well prepared.

  • Maintain good eye contact.  Avoid glaring or staring into the interviewer's eyes by rotating your look from the interviewer's eyes to their mouth as they speak and to their hands if they make any gestures when emphasising a point.

  • Try to mirror the interviewer's body language.  eg. If they laugh and lean back do the same making sure that you do not overpower them with the volume of your laughter.  Do not mirror negative body language such as an interviewer slouching etc.

  • Occasionally show one or both of your palms when making a point.  This conveys openness and honesty.  However, don't overuse this or you will come across like a bad politician or a used car salesman.

The main point is to ensure that you are as relaxed and confident.  As mentioned above, the best way to ensure this is thorough preparation.


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